I’m just your friendly neighborhood dumbass mark, losing my damn mind over midcarders.

Here you’ll find mostly old school wrestling (territories and pre-2000 wwf/wcw), with some newer stuff thrown in. I’ll be posting images, gifsets, match analysis, ranting, headcanons, and probably some shipping and/or thirst. Everything’s categorized to the best of my ability, but I can’t guarantee its value to wrestling discourse as a whole. My opinions remain certified cursed.

This blog was born out of a desire to house all this fandom ranting on a site that isn’t constantly at risk of imminent collapse (i.e. Tumblr). I’m hoping it can serve as a more stable, functional archive of the outer reaches of hyperfixation, and if nothing else, it’ll show some much-needed love for these undercard workers (okay, a few top guys are allowed too). I also hope there are other weirdos out there on the net who are interested in the same wrestlers — if that’s you, then come say hi!